Sunday, March 31, 2013


Transfiguration:  Armando Alemdar Ara  (public domain)   

Matt 17: 1-13 

Erie, Pennsylvania

corporate living room 
could be anywhere

Nat King Cole
providing background sounds

I’m pondering 
a biblical summit meeting: 

Christ transfigured, 
locked in conversation 
with Moses and Elijah, 

But what they’re talking about – 
I don’t know. 

At the table 
next to mine 
a gray-haired 
heavy set 
black man 
has made himself at home 
with crossword puzzles, newspapers, 
and a brown, leather bound bible – prominent. 

I had a feeling 
he’d know 
and wouldn’t mind 
my asking: 

“Excuse me, are you a student of scripture?” 


“Jesus on the mountain; 
Peter, James, and Andrew. 
Jesus talking to Moses and Elijah, 
what were they talking about?” 

“Mathew 17,” he said, 
 “Peter, James, and John,” he corrected; 

“Jesus was thanking them 
for paving the way, 
and promising them 
he would continue the work.” 

“The work? What work?” 

“Redemption, son. It’s all about redemption." 

And that was that, 

a matter of fact; 

Even as Nat King Cole
lost his baby 
and almost lost his mind, 

Even in Erie, Pennsylvania, 

Even at Starbucks: 

It’s all about Redemption.

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